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Annual Reports

Reports generated from OLWIPD activities, including: annual reports, road ditch assessments, and select staff project reports.


Annual Road Ditch Assessments
Watershed road ditches are monitored throughout the year for evidence of severe erosion. 
Program staff have identified over 10 miles of unstable area throughout the watershed since 2014. We work closely with the Soil and Water Conservation District and municipal and county highway departments to pursue funding for ditch stabilization practices to reduce erosion.
Staff & ARs
Staff Contributions
Re​ports completed by current and past Inspection Program employees and interns.
Past Annual Reports
Annual Reports for Program years 2008-2014.

Effectiveness of Best Management Practices in Reducing Soil Erosion and Nutrient Loading (Dutch Hollow) by Watershed Inspector Tim Schneider (SUNY ESF).

Owasco Lake Watershed Conservation Strategy (prepared for the City of Auburn) by Communications Associate Kerry McElroy and her Maxwell School MPA capstone group.

Inspection Program Annual Report 2008

Inspection Program Annual Report 2009

Inspection Program Annual Report 2010

Inspection Program Annual Report 2011

Inspection Program Annual Report 2012

Inspection Program Annual Report 2014

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