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The Inspection and Protection Division staff spends most of their time in the field. To protect water quality in Owasco Lake and its watershed, we perform site inspections, monitor lake and tributary conditions, and conduct visual, biological, and chemical assesments throughout the watershed.


Watershed Monitoring

The Inspection and Protection Division identifies and monitors areas of concern that can include: residential drainage issues, construction projects, septic issues, nutrient application (ag/non-ag), and streambank eriosion.

Water Sampling

The Inspection and Protection Division routinely collects lakeshore water samples from around Owasco Lake to send to laboratories to be tested for bacteria and nutrient levels. 

Algal Bloom Monitoring


As part of the Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Program, the Inspection and Protection Division collects samples of algal blooms and submits them to laboratories for algae species determination  and nutrient and toxin concentrations. 

Other Projects


The Inspection and Protection Division was fortunate to receive funding for two innovative projects that began in 2016. These initiatives were implemented in conjunction with Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the watershed municipalities.

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