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Instructions can be found on page 7 and are as follows:


  • Print these pages double sided

    • Images should be upside down from each other on each side of the page, so flip along the long edge (which is the default double side setting for most printers)

  • Fold each page in half with the side with the page number on the inside

  • Stack the pages according to the blue numbers at the bottom right of each page, placing page 1 (June) on the top of the stack

  • Staple on each side along the center line

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What we're doing around the watershed​:

The Inspection and Protection Division routinely monitors areas of concern that may lead to violations, such as: residential drainage issues, construction projects, septic issues, nutrient application (ag/non-ag), and streambank erosion.

Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species:

The Inspection and Protection Division works to help prevent the spread of invasive species throughout the Finger Lakes. Signs provided by the Finger Lakes Institute were placed at boat launches throughout Owasco Lake to raise awareness of the Clean, Drain, and Dry protocol for boaters. These signs will help enforce watercraft inspections and help protect the Finger Lakes. 


Road Ditch Assessments:

The primary goal of this project is to substantially reduce erosion throughout the watershed ditch network. Less erosion means less sediment flowing into tributaries and Owasco Lake.

The primary goal of this project is to engage the public in tributary protection and education. Signs will identify stream-road crossings and provide a link to information about each stream.

Articles by OLWIPD:

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